CARICATURE painted FROM YOUR PHOTOS. Starting from


Have your friends or  family painted on a glass.

Submit any photos to [email protected] 

Let me know if you want different clothing or hairstyle to that of your photo.

Also state if they have any hobbies or interests that you'd like painted around the glass (no extra cost)

NB: pay £3.50 per additional person to be painted per glass.


350ml Wine Glass =  £19.50

250ml Wine Glass = £19.50 (head & shoulders only)

Mug = £19.50

Champagne Flute = £19.50

5" Tumbler = £19.50

3" Tumbler = £19.50 ( head & shoulders only)

8" Ceramic Plate with stand £19.50

Pint Glass £19.50

550ml Wine Glass = £25.50

Brandy Glass = £25.50

7" Cookie Jar = £25.50



I f you are wanting to order any of the following items in this listing please wait for a paypal invoice to be sent - sorry for the inconvenience.

550ml Wine glass     Brandy Glass       Cookie Jar are all £25.50 each.

All the rest can be purchased right here.

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